E Christopher Lewis
Here I summarize my teaching activities. I list some of the students with whom I've had the pleasure of working, the classes I have taught, and some of the praise I've received for my teaching.

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I've had the great fortune to teach and work with many great students (both undergraduate and graduate) over the years.

Marc Corliss graduated with a PhD in December 2006. He is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. He was the lead student on the Dynamic Instruction Stream Editing (DISE) project. He is very capable and headed for great things.


Teaching is a gratifying pursuit on its own, but it's nice to get some encouragement from students from time to time. Here are some anonymous quotes from students.
"Professor E. Lewis rocked my socks. Definitely one of the more interesting professors around here. Also the course content was great!"
"Professor Lewis is a great teacher and he taught the course very well so that i came away with a lot from it."
"E is a really engaging teacher, and he did a great job making the material interesting."
CSE 240 taught by E Lewis was "...my favorite course to date... the material was interesting, challenging, and almost all new to me, and E is an excellent teacher."
E Lewis was "...the best professor I've had."
A student described CSE 240 as follows: "Captivating course material, excellent assignments, and a fantastic professor (E Lewis)."
And here's a long one... "All-around E Lewis is the finest professor I've had the pleasure of working with in four years and almost 60 CUs at Penn. In addition to an engaging lecturing style, E possesses an exceptional grasp of the material, a refreshing interest in new research ideas, and unmatched availability to students. I have occupied many hours of E's time with concerns about career, family, and research. He has always been happy to offer whatever advice, objectivity, and analysis he could. I feel that E's approach to teaching and mentoring should be held up as an example to other professors (provided that it doesn't embarrass him too much.)"

Other Teaching/Advising Experience

I have many other teaching/advising-oriented activities.
Penn undergrads take on a two-semester senior design project. This is a chance for students to bring together many aspects of computing, work with other students, work with faculty, and build something substantial. I've had the great pleasure of advising countless senior design projects. The "Serulian" project by Chao Cai and Joseph Schorr stands out, because it won first prize among all CSE projects completed in 2005-2006.
I served as advisor to the student chapter of the ACM (called the Dining Philosophers) from 2002 to 2006.
With Professors Zack Ives, Milo Martin, and Steve Zdancewic I've created and organized an on-going weekly seminar to explore topics in computer systems (e.g., peer-to-peer systems, machine virtualization, sensor networks). This seminar series is intended to build and broaden the computer systems work at Penn.
As a graduate student at the University of Washington I served as co-lecturer in CSE 590ZP (High Performance Scientific Computing in ZPL) during its four offerings (Autumn 1995, Autumn 1996, Winter 1998, and Winter 1999). I also served as a teaching assistant in computer architecture, operating systems, programming language, and networking courses.


CIS 570 Modern Programming Language Implementation, Autumn 2006.
CSE 341 Compilers and Interpreters, Spring 2006.
CSE 240 Introduction to Computer Systems, Autumn 2005.
CSE 240 Introduction to Computer Systems, Autumn 2004.
CSE 341 Compilers and Interpreters, Spring 2004.
CIS 570 Modern Programming Language Implementation, Autumn 2003.
CSE 341 Compilers and Interpreters, Spring 2003.
CIS 570 Modern Programming Language Implementation, Autumn 2002.
CSE 341 Compilers and Interpreters, Spring 2002.
CIS 700 Program Representations for Mobile Computing, Autumn 2001.
CIS 570 Modern Programming Language Implementation, Spring 2001.