E Christopher Lewis
I've lived in a number of interesting places over the years. Why so many moves? It's a big country! Perhaps I can remember something about each.

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Arcade, New York (1970 - 1972) [map]

I was born in nearby Warsaw (30 miles to the northeast). I naturally don't remember much about my time in Arcade. But I do know these were happy times. I got my first taste of model railroading here.

Rehoboth, Massachusetts (1972 - 1973) [map]

Not much to report about Rehoboth. My strongest memory was that of leaving.

Strasburg, Pennsylvania (1973 - 1978) [map]

I got to be a real kid in this village situated between farmlands. First Big Wheel. First bike. I did the first grade twice. I must have done better the second time (I didn't have to give it a third try). I've since come to realize that the historic old village and its environs were absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, it has become somewhat less so as the suburban sprawl replaces the farms. Nevertheless, I returned many times to tour the countryside, ride on the Strasburg Railroad, and play some miniature golf.

Morrisville, Vermont (1978 - 1987) [map]

Here I learned that moving is challenging. Adjusting to a strange place and leaving friends behind. Morrisville is adjacent to Stowe, so I also learned to ski. I picked up running and made some great friends. This place is absolutely beautiful, especially in the autumn and winter. I continue to return here from time to time for the nature.

Southern Pines, North Carolina (1987 - 1989) [map]

This was my first experience with the South. I learned that moving is even more challenging when the destination hosts klan rallies. Yuck. Fortunately, most people are decent and sane. I've also come to appreciate it's understated beauty (pine trees, the occasional hill, sand). My parents now live in nearby Pinehurst.

Ithaca, New York (1989 - 1993) [map]

I spent four years in Ithaca while at Cornell. I was glad to return to the Northeast. Crisp autumn mornings. Fall foliage. Snow! Cornell was good to me, but I wish I had worked harder. I sang in Cayuga's Waiters and met some of my best friends. I spent two summers in Redmond, WA (interning at Microsoft) [map] and one working on campus. I've only managed to return to Ithaca once since graduation.

Seattle, Washington (1993 - 2000) [map]

I spent a number of years in Seattle while at the University of Washington. This was my first taste of big town life. Seattle introduced me to coffee, good fish, and professional baseball (remember the Mariners in 1995?). I've never seen a place so green. In this way it is the opposite of North Carolina. The gardens, grass, and trees are very happy with all the rain. I found the rain a little trying sometimes, but it was still very hard to leave.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2001 - 2006) [map]

In Philadelphia I started my first real job. Most importantly, I met Olga. Philadelphia is a big American city. It has great restaurants, history, culture, and potential. Unfortunately, it is the most under achieving city I've ever visited. The municipal government appears corrupt, the strong unions prevent anything from getting done, the traffic lights don't work, laws are only occasionally enforced, and the citizens are sometimes friendly but often angry (at least while they drive their cars). I lived in downtown Philadelphia for a couple years, but when Olga and I married, I moved to nearby Lansdowne [map] in the suburbs.

Sunnyvale, California (2007 - present) [map]

We've only just moved to Sunnyvale, but so far we are quite thrilled by California. The people are wonderfully friendly, the weather is superb, and the environs are beautiful. We look forward to exploring.


For each locale I have included a link to a map. Use the zoom-in feature to see details and zoom-out to get context. The maps are provided by Google Maps.


Arcade, NY (1970 - 1972)
Rehoboth, MA (1972 - 1973)
Strasburg, PA (1973 - 1978)
Morrisville, VT (1978 - 1987)
Southern Pines, NC (1987 - 1989)
Ithaca, NY (1989 - 1993)
Seattle, WA (1993 - 2000)
Philadelphia, PA (2001 - 2006)
Sunnyvale, CA (2007 - present)